Social Security Q&A: How to Save and Return to Disability Form Online

Social Security Q&A: How to Save and Return to Disability Form Online

Question: I’m getting ready to start filling out my disability benefits application online, but I’m concerned I will need to stop before I can finish it. Can I stop before completing the application and come back to finish it later? If so, how do I return to my online application to finish it when I have all the information I need?

Answer: Applying for disability is a multi-step process that may take one to two hours to complete, depending on your situation. You can save your application as you go. This allows you to come back and finish later.

When you start your application, you will receive a “Re-entry Number.” You will need this number to return to your application to complete it. You can go back to the online application at

After you’re finished and have submitted your application, Social Security will contact you with any updates or questions they may have about your information. You can also use the application status page to check on the status of your completed application online at .

Q: Often, I need assistance with day-to-day tasks. My daughter offered to help me with my Social Security claim and wants to represent me. Is that OK?

A: You can choose to have a representative help you when you do business with Social Security. They will work with your representative in the same way they would work with you. Select a qualified person, because this person will act for you in most Social Security matters.

First, you will need to fill out the Appoint a Representative form at .

Keep in mind that an attorney or other individual who wants to collect a fee for providing services in connection with a claim must generally obtain Social Security’s prior authorization.

Q: I know that some of my resources affect my Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Is there a list of resources Social Security takes into account when providing payments?

A: Resources are things you own and can use to pay for food and shelter. Resources include bank accounts, personal property and real estate. We use the value of your resources to determine if you can get SSI. Social Security does not count all of your resources, including the value of the home and property where you live. Some resources that are counted include:

■ Cash.

■ Bank accounts, stocks, U.S. savings bonds.

■ Land.

■ Life Insurance.

■ Personal Property (excluding the value of your home).

■ Vehicles.

■ Anything else you own which could be changed to cash and used to pay for food or shelter.

■ Deemed resources.

Sometimes Social Security deem sa portion of the resources of a spouse, parent, parent’s spouse, sponsor of an alien or sponsor’s spouse as belonging to the person who applies for SSI. You can learn more about which resources Social Security uses to determine your SSI payment at .

This column was prepared by the Social Security Administration. For fast answers to specific Social Security questions, contact Social Security toll-free at 800-772-1213 or visit

Author: Tribune News Service

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