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These sales summaries are informational only and are not a legal record. Names shown are usually the first listed in the deed. Sales might involve additional parties or locations. Prices are usually based on tax stamps and might be inaccurate for public agency sales. Refer to the actual public records before forming opinions or relying on this information. Additional publicly recorded information on these sales, prior sales and data from NHDRA PA-34 forms is available at or 603-669-3822. Copyright 2015. Real Data Corp. All Rights Reserved.


11 Ledge Lane; land and mobile home; $33,733; Jamison D. Maxwell to Rosa A. Longley Sr. et al.

No address given; land and building; $142,000; Janet Forbush to Brenda L. Campbell-Warner et al.

980 Route 118; land and building; $115,000; Miko Watkins to Adam R. and Heather R. Stewart.

33 West Farms Road; land and building; $149,533; Paul D. Johnson to Tina M. Brayton.


66 Brookside Drive; land and mobile home; $19,000; Narje LLC to Timothy M. and Melissa M. Rogers.

South Hemlock Road; land; $21,200; Lee and Sandra Kavanaugh to Henry Holt.

Route 11; land and building; $275,000; Carol A. Howard to Alvin M. and Janet L. Barraby Jr.

30 Wetherby Road; land and building; $85,000; Mascoma Savings Bank to Ray M. and Anne M. Anderson.

212 Weeks Road; land and building; $80,000; Susan L. Pope to Carolyn and Peter G. Gedenberg.

74 Wheeler Rand Road; land and building; $89,000; James E. Baldwin to Jacob W. Chamberlain.


28 Madison Place; land and mobile home; $10,000; William D. Vongillern to Nina Crestuk.

Cat Hole Road; land; $100,000; Michael and Marie-laure Lovell to Landmark Natural Resource.

40 Ridge Ave.; land and building; $128,933; Ella Y. Macaskill to Paul J. and Kim A. Smith.

17 42nd St.; land and building; $70,000; Bartha A. Lamarre to Scott A. Dubois.

2 Bond St.; land and building; $70,000; David C. and Karen J. Belisle to Sandra J. Belisle.

66 Ridge Ave.; land and building; $121,000; Samantha Pollock to George and Mary Boardman.

9 Cherry Hill Road; land and building; $183,000; Dean J. Bither to Richard A. and Kellie D. Baker.

31 Madison Place; land and mobile home; $21,733; Yvette L. Decker to Lisa L. Veilleux.

30 Walnut St.; land and building; $135,000; Ernest F. and Beatrice M. Laramie to Clarissa L. Mckay.

3 Wolcott St.; land and building; $45,000; Sara J. Burbee to GRBR Investments LLC.


1093 Route 120; land and mobile home; $100,000; Lyle W. Parry to Riverbrook Investments.

Center Road; land; $7,000; Arthur A. Holmes to Michael S. Skolones et al.

128 Root Hill Road; land and building; $335,000; Derek C. and Lisa B. Stone to Jesse and Hilary G. Cook.


49 Route 4A; land and building; $242,533; James N. and Carol T. Reed to Paul W. Stmartin Sr.

172 Shaker Hill Road; mobile home; $28,000; Ralph W. Hooper to Robert A. Lacroix Revocable Trust et al.

70 Anderson Hill Road; land and building; $256,533; Gaetano and Carla Conti to Robert L. Ream et al.

578 Potato Road; land and building; $233,000; Darryl T. and Dawn M. Guerin to Adam W. Lanoue et al.

479 Route 4; land and building; $83,533; Joseph N. and Joyce A. Cioffi to Philip W. and Emilie P. Shipman.

48 Cogswell Way; land and mobile home; $12,000; Nathaniel J. Harp to Dayna Decato.

35 Potter Lane; condominium; $125,000; Armando J. and Elizabeth F. Roberto Jr. to Peter A. and Lora Depalo Sr.

46 Route 4A; land and building; $218,533; Matthew K. and Lori S. Muffly to Robert B. and Cynthia H. Weiger.

11 Anthony Court; land and building; $222,533; Jesse J. and Jennifer A. Greene to James and Mary Hollenbeck.


Blueberry Hill Road; land; $29,000; Fred W. Brown II et al. to Philip H. and Wendy M. Forest.


842 Cove Drive; condominium; $121,000; Jane W. Sherrill to George M. and Frank A. Furdyna.

15 Pleasant Drive; condominium; $154,000; Robert B. Fairweather Revocable Trust et al. to Anthony D. and Jennifer K. Norton.

23 Woodland Hts; land and building; $247,000; Michelle A. Buhler et al. to Brandon J. and Ashley A. Riendeau.

10 Barn Owl Overlook; land and building; $323,333; Frank A. Furdyna T. et al. to Bradley G. and Jane E. Brewer.

28 Butternut Road; land and building; $350,000; Kevin C. and Elizabeth O. Weinman to Kristen A. and Brian D. Peck.

100 Greensward Drive; land and building; $236,933; Daniel G. and Kelly A. Poisson to Darek R. Lowell et al.

760 State Route 10; land and building; $50,000; Kenneth H. Barton et al. to Jack O. and Angela M. Barton Jr.


2 Rand Road; land; $600,000; Mark F. and Mary P. Fillinger to John H. and Catherine Vansant.

8 Algonquin Trail; land and building; $1,246,000; George Cybenko et al. to Jennifer A. Stableford et al.

116 Etna Road; land and building; $6,000; Kevin J. Petersopn et al. to Terryl P. Stacy Revocable Trust et al.

43 Forest Edge Drive; condominium; $370,000; Diana Abouali to Stefan J. Link.

14 Kingsford Road; land and building; $1,100,000; David and Caroline F. Levy to Jayne E. Mclaughlin Revocable Trust et al.

120 Lebanon St.; land; $535,000; Elizabeth B. and Richard P. Morse to Stephen D. and Judith B. Solberg.

15 Gile Drive; condominium; $271,000; 85 South Housing LLC to Richard M. and Phyllis T. Higgerson.

65 Greensboro Road; land and building; $572,000; David S. and Megan J. Sobel to Michael D. and Cailtin M. Herrick.

7 Pine Drive; land and building; $680,000; Louise Griggs Revocable Trust et al. to Monica Roengvoraphoj et al.

1 Wheelock Wood; condominium; $350,000; Repolgle Family LLC to Alexandra R. Stein.


399 Clark Pond Road; land and building; $145,000; Pauline Blaine to Steven J. and Tina M. Mohr.

36 Lime Kiln Road; land and building; $95,000; Darlene M. Stmarie et al. to Jeannette K. Champagne et al.

No address given; land; $49,933; Jeffrey M. Elliott Sr. to Robert Studwell.

No address given; land; $39,933; Jeffrey M. Elliott Sr. to David and Isabella Hopp.

65 Indian Corn Mill Road; land and mobile home; $16,000; Peter A. Vincent to Nathan and Ashlie Ladeau.

180 Lily Lane; land and building; $114,000; William and Teresa Chrimes to Dustin and Aaron Palm.

42 West Side Drive; land and building; $25,000; Jane T. Stimson to Larry D. and Bobbi J. Norcross.

111 Terrace Drive; land and building; $175,000; Scott L. Edwards to William B. Hindle et al.


Etna Road; no description available; $101,000; Chiron Springs Rlty Corp to Upper Valley Land Trust Inc.

225 Meriden Road; land and building; $234,533; Douglas P. and Kathryn E. Dutille to Katherine S. Nourse et al.

19 Wolf Road; land and building; $180,000; Ronald D. and Linda A. Giles to Patricia L. Arthur.

338 Poverty Lane; land and building; $315,000; Linda L. Lanteigne-magoon to Kevin D. Schwartz et al.

6 Beyerle St.; land and building; $202,000; Michael Logren to Isaac H. and Holly C. Old.

15 Manchester Drive; land and building; $199,933; James A. Langlois to Matthew J. Brabazon.

109 Trues Brook Road; land and building; $369,000; Chris R. Degrasse to Andrew D. and Liane M. Avery Ii.

Bank St.; land and building; $312,266; National Transfer Svcs to John P. Entremont et al.

1 Hardy Hill Road; land and building; $313,000; Jacob C. and Marcy R. Ashley to National Transfer Svcs.

86 Route 4A; land and mobile home; $38,533; Stacey J. Woodward Revocable Trust et al. to Paul D. Johnson.

No address given; land and building; $100,000; John M. and Christine D. Dow to Colin and Robin Parker.

33 Perley Ave.; land and building; $405,000; Dane and Mary K. Kottke to David R. and Elisabeth Grose.

91 Trues Brook Road; land and building; $272,000; Joyce A. Jones to Francis E. and Teresa F. Austin.

8 Barden Hill Road; land and building; $199,533; Todd C. and Melissa L. Hamilton to Ricky G. and Amie Marsh Jr.

Canaan Road; land and building; $174,533; Jacob L. and Kelly B. Brandis to Andrew Bernier et al.

13 Skylark Road; land and building; $360,000; Richard P. and Michelle B. Ryerson to Aaron J. Maucuso et al.

3 Thomas Ave.; land and building; $221,000; Xuwen Qui et al. to Albert R. Antosca.


7 Gregory Road; land; $700,000; Jonathan M. Sachs to John T. and Susan L. Chew II.

2 Shoestrap Road; land; $274,000; Melanie A. Ferrell to Kurt L. and Amber L. Boland.

Washburn Hill Road; land; $175,000; Penlope Quigley to Frank M. and Suzy V. Torti.

New London

Country Club Condo; condominium; $385,000; Judith R. Breed Revocable Trust et al. to Sarah Chance.

6 Hilltop Place; condominium; $138,533; Brian A. Byrne to Lawton Ft et al.

191 Old Main St.; land and building; $1,100,000; Bruce R. Mcclintock et al. to Steven Walker.

475 Otterville Road; land and building; $80,000; David and Mandy L. Wong to Harry M. and Jane L. Snow Ii.

103 Hilltop Place; condominium; $98,400; Shirley N. and William N. Andrew to Mary Lou Epremian Revocable Trust et al.

17 Highland Ridge Road; condominium; $358,000; Jean C. Mckee Revocable Trust et al. to Mary B. Doyle.

13 Fox Run Lane; land and building; $409,000; Green Trail LLC to Robert P. Murano Jr.

853 Pleasant St.; land and building; $1,250,000; IPL Realty LLC to JSR Pleasant Lake Realty.

32 Seasons; condominium; $220,000; Joyce H. Hardy to Barbara S. and Winsor L. Chase.

40 Murray Pond Road; land and building; $106,000; Edward J. Sullivan to Deborah Crowley-Lisowski et al.


115 Cheney St.; land and building; $150,000; Renee D. Lecaroz to David C. Driver.

7 Emerald Ridge Road; land and mobile home; $25,000; Paula Duplessis to Thomas J. Meade.

Old Goshen Road; land and building; $15,000; Cassandra Hathaway to James E. Laflam.

No address given; land and building; $290,000; Braden C. and Natelie M. Miles to Robert and Paula Zetlin.


96 Sawyer Brook Road; land and building; $285,000; Lillian F. and Michael L. Norris to Gavin and Jessica Hickie.


Cape Moonshine Road; land and building; $60,000; John W. and Karen S. Aldrich Sr. to Christopher M. Aldrich.

Mazzilli Drive; land; $15,000; Stacey Thomason Props LP to Stephen and Joanne Nabarowsky.

148 Route 25; land and building; $175,000; Katherine R. Johnson to Jessica L. Bowman.


250 Willow Brook Road; land and building; $235,000; Terry M. and Sandra D. Delisle to Jeremy T. Delisle et al.

285 Willow Brook Road; land and building; $488,000; Robert and Julia Galvin to Derek C. and Lisa B. Stone.


268 Shad Hill Road; mobile home; $120,000; Sean E. Roberts to Travis L. Trussell et al.


Jeffrey Drive; land; $32,000; Thomas C. and James R. Boddorff to Mark S. Jewson.

10 Indian Cave Lane; condominium; $500,000; Jeanne M. Baptista to Judith A. and Michael J. Doherty.

81 Otter Hill Road; land and building; $595,333; Leonard A. and Lisa A. Pollari to Richard and Josephine Kaicher.

245 Youngs Hill Road; land and building; $333,000; Michelle G. Parenteau to Darryl N. and Lisa A. Sencabaugh.

26 Garnet Hill Road; land and building; $2,775,000; Alfred E. Monahan Family Trust et al. to Robert G. Coffin.


378 Cold Pond Road; land and building; $154,000; Patricia C. James to Kristie L. and Donovan C. Davis.

Cold Pond Road; land; $19,533; Chester R. Stokloza to Marcel Daigle.


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