Medical Help Is Just a Call Away

Medical Help Is Just a Call Away

Full disclosure: Kate Stahler Starrett, an Etna native now living in Boulder, Colo., immediately acknowledged she is a longtime friend of Global Rescue CEO Dan Richards. But her unabashed esteem for the company’s products and service is merited.

While traveling in Austria with her husband and two young children, Stahler Starrett, who was unknowingly sickening herself with mushroom supplements, experienced a severe allergic reaction. After spending hours vying for attention in numerous public hospitals, she remembered her Global Rescue travel services membership and called the company. Within 10 minutes she was en route to a private hospital, where she was treated immediately. Incidentally, she now is allergic to all mushrooms.

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Though less dramatic, she’s been “saved” by her Global Rescue TotalCare virtual health care membership, too. While her husband, a pilot who’s away from home more often than not, was working, one of her sons was sick and the other was sleeping. Reluctant to wake the sleeping boy for a trip to the urgent care clinic, she initiated a virtual visit for her sick son and had a prescription for him within the hour.

“The service is unparalleled and almost invaluable for someone like me,” said Stahler Starrett, a stay-at-home mom.

As far as she’s concerned, her friend Richards has been a “visionary” all along.

Rebecca Perkins Hanissian


Author: Rebecca Perkins Hanissian

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