Yahoo Shuts Users Out of E-Mail

Yahoo confirmed reports that it is preventing some Yahoo Mail users from seeing their e-mails until they turn off their ad-blocking software. Users started complaining about two weeks ago on social media and ad-blocking forums that a message prompting them to disable ad-blocking software appeared when they tried to view their e-mail. On Monday, a company spokeswoman said the notices were a limited experiment. “At Yahoo, we are...

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Everyone Loses With Increase in Ad-Blocking Use

Ad blockers are growing in popularity, and that could be a big problem for any business that relies on online advertising to pay the bills. A study published last week by Adobe and the software company PageFair revealed that 45 million active users in the United States use ad-blocking software — an increase of 48 percent in one year as of June. That’s about 15 percent of U.S. Internet users. In other countries, such as Poland, the...

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‘Journal’ Cuts Hurt Consumer Reporting

When the Wall Street Journal’s top editor announced Thursday a “full transformation of our newsroom,” one that would include closing bureaus and cutting dozens of jobs, one change drew particular ire: The paper would be “scaling back significantly” its personal-finance team. For years, that team has been regarded as a pioneer of consumer reporting — that plain-English brand of service journalism written for the middle class. That...

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Video Advertising on  Social Media Increasing

Video Advertising on Social Media Increasing

San Jose, Calif. — Television isn’t the only way commercials will get airtime this year. Social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter are making a stronger push to attract lucrative video advertising as more people use computers and smartphones to watch videos online. And marketers have jumped on board, turning to social networks not only to get eyes on their products but also to better target their ads to likely customers,...

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From the Editor: They’ve Come A Long Way

Allow me to be among the last to acknowledge the conclusion of Mad Men, the AMC drama set during the male-dominated 1960s in the male-dominated world of Madison Avenue advertising. Among this show’s many pleasures were the spot-on props and costumes that, for those of us who lived through that time, were like family photographs come to life. Even better, and more relevant for us today, was the show’s portrayal of its key female...

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