Business of Agriculture: Programs and politics in the promotion of agricultural products

It’s an axiom of agriculture as old as the hills: 50 percent of farming is producing the commodity, the other 50 percent is marketing the product at a price that makes enough money to sustain the farm enterprise. While the issues of contemporary production agriculture tend to get most of the media and political attention — think water-quality regulations, animal welfare, pesticide hazards — there’s a vast parallel universe of...

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Study: World’s Food Producers Not Conserving Enough Resources

Climate change and other factors are amplifying the water risks plaguing big food companies, which are not adequately addressing the problems, according to a new study. Many big-name food brands such as Hershey, Kraft and Perdue are wasting water resources through lax conservation practices and poor planning. And as climate change and other factors amplify the water risks plaguing the food industry, the bottom lines of these companies...

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