Oracle Ordered by the FTC To Repair Flawed Software

Washington — Oracle, one of the nation’s largest tech companies, is settling federal charges that it misled consumers about the security of its software, which is installed on roughly 850 million computers around the world. The company won’t be paying a fine, and it isn’t admitting to any wrongdoing or fault in its settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. But Oracle will be required to tell consumers explicitly if they have...

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Judge Rejects Dairy Settlement

Montpelier — A judge has rejected a proposed settlement between Northeastern U.S. farmers and the Dairy Farmers of America over an alleged effort to drive down prices paid to farmers. U.S. District Court Judge Christina Reiss opposed the $50 million settlement after objections by some farmers who said the payments would be insufficient and the settlement would not address the alleged wrongdoing. They also said some farmers’ lawyers...

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