How to Get A Disability Application ‘Fast-Tracked’

Question: I’ve heard there is a way for my daughter to get her disability application on the “fast track.” How does this work? Answer: If your daughter has one of the more than 200 impairments on the Compassionate Allowances list at, her application might be “fast-tracked” for a decision. Compassionate Allowances make it possible for applicants to receive a decision on their...

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Social Security Q&A: What Happens to Disability Benefits at Retirement Age?

Question: If I get Social Security disability benefits and I reach full retirement age, will I then receive retirement benefits? Answer: Social Security disability benefits automatically change to retirement benefits when disability beneficiaries reach full retirement age. In most cases, the payment amount does not change. The law does not allow a person to receive both retirement and disability benefits simultaneously on one earnings...

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