Hackers Re-Emerge With New Identities

After Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked shortly before Thanksgiving of 2014, the attackers — who dubbed themselves the Guardians of Peace — went quiet. Or so it seemed. But now researchers say they’ve linked the attackers — whom the U.S. government has said were directed by North Korea — to a chameleon-like group active since at least 2009 and still on the digital warpath, attacking systems in South Korea and elsewhere in Asia. A...

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French Exchange Plans Normal Open

London — French stocks will trade without interruption Monday as investors come to terms with attacks in Paris that left more than 100 people dead in Europe’s worst terror incident in more than a decade. Euronext Paris is planning no alteration to its schedule, Caroline Nico, a spokeswoman for parent Euronext NV, said in an e-mail. The Paris stock exchange is located in the district of the city’s 2nd arrondissement, miles from the...

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China’s Internet Censorship Goes Beyond Borders

China has moved beyond censoring Internet content seen by its own citizens to using a new cyberweapon researchers have dubbed the Great Cannon to silence critics around the world, according to a report released Friday. The first use of this capability was a weeks-long attack against websites that offer tools to help users evade Chinese censorship. By sending crippling amounts of Web traffic, the attacks attempted to knock offline the...

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