Oil Glut Expected to Last a While

Even if Saudi Arabia wins its struggle with U.S. shale producers over market share, it will face a new billion-barrel adversary. It won’t be regional nemesis Iran, a resurgent Iraq or long-standing competitor Russia. The answer will be more prosaic: Even when overproduction ends, a stockpile surplus of more than 1 billion barrels built up since 2014 will remain, weighing on prices. Inventories will keep accumulating until the end of...

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Stocks March Higher

New York (ap) — The stock market closed out its best week of the year Friday as big gains by retailers and technology companies pushed major indexes upward. Stocks faded as Friday wore on, but they still finished higher. The S&P 500 index climbed almost 3.3 percent for the week. By just a hair, that was its biggest weekly gain in 2015. Stocks climbed Monday and Wednesday as the U.S. market didn’t seem to be affected by a string...

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