Bernanke Says Prosecutions Should Have Followed Crisis

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke knows Americans have not forgiven him for the Wall Street bailout that saw greed in financial company executive suites go unpunished while regular people lost their homes, jobs and nest eggs in the financial crisis of 2008. “I can understand why they are angry,” he said. He says he is frustrated that he hasn’t been able to convince more Americans that his actions were necessary to avoid a...

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Ben Bernanke: Interest Rate Critics Wrong

Washington — Federal Reserve chairs are experts at being boring. They use words like “moderate,” “uncertain,” or “stability” like we use the words “um,” “and,” or “but.” It’s, as former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan put it, a “language of purposeful obfuscation” that drones on so long you forget what was just asked, let alone whether this answered it, just as long as it’s mercifully over. But now that he’s free of the strictures of office,...

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