Money Talk: Don’t Trash Your Credit Score Over Stolen TV

Question: A few months ago, I purchased a large television from a nearby store. I was offered no interest for 12 months using the store’s credit card. The TV was stolen from the back of my pickup truck before I was able to bring it into my apartment. I called the police and filed a report. The next day I returned to the store and asked if anything could be done. They said they could only offer another television for a discounted...

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Consumer Confidential: Bank of America’s $12 Charge for Depositing a Check That Bounces Is Another Spurious Bank Fee

The road to corporate greed is paved with nickel-and-dime bank charges. Want a paper statement? That’ll cost you a few bucks. Not making enough deposits or withdrawals? That’ll result in an inactivity fee of as much as $10. Don’t meet minimum balance requirements? Here’s your monthly $25 account maintenance fee. But the returned-check fee might take the cake. Brian Baltow recently received a check from a client for $120....

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