Taco Bell Ads Make The Old Seem New

True taco savants could only shake their heads on Super Bowl Sunday. After weeks of hype, including breathless news releases, YouTube videos and a preordering campaign — Taco Bell released its top-secret innovation in a Super Bowl commercial that cost it millions. The fast food chain hyped the creation as bigger than a Mars landing, hoverboards and Tinder. So what was that amazing innovation? A taco with cheese in the shell, dubbed...

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Chuck E. Cheese Gets Makeover

Chuck E. Cheese, the kiddie pizza chain acquired by private-equity firm Apollo Global Management last year, thinks it has a solution to its sales slump: winning over millennial moms. The restaurants have never had difficulty appealing to kids, thanks to a combination of pizza, arcade games and guitar-playing animatronic characters. But getting parents on board — especially the younger generation of moms who are seeking higher-quality...

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