Competing Theories On Coming Winter

The snow in Siberia has piled up again, and according to one theory this means cold and ice are on the way for the Northeast and other parts of the eastern United States. That is, if the snow can wrestle El Nino into submission. Before the match starts with El Nino, here’s a recap of how the whole winter outlook thing works: It all starts when a large expanse of Eurasia is covered by snow by the end of October, said Judah Cohen, the...

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Dairy Queen Now Offering More Than Summertime Treats

Dairy Queen, Warren Buffett’s favorite ice cream chain, is trying to turn itself into a year-round treat. With a new menu of snacks and sandwiches, the 75-year-old fixture of American summers is looking beyond its signature soft-serve and diving deeper into fast-food fare, where even giants like McDonald’s have been struggling lately. It’s a major bet — but one that DQ’s chief executive officer, John Gainor, says is already starting...

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Hamilton’s Female Fans Not So Keen on New $10

Washington — Even as Alexander Hamilton is celebrated in a hit Broadway musical, he soon may have to share his space on the $10 bill with a woman. Not so fast, says a surprising group: prominent women in economics and finance. Abby Joseph Cohen, president of Goldman Sachs’s Global Markets Institute, and Carmen Reinhart, a Harvard University professor of the international financial system, both said Hamilton shouldn’t be diminished on...

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