Young Women Leave Jobs for More Money

New York magazine’s Ann Friedman recently offered advice for employers who’d like to attract and retain top female talent: “Pay us enough that if you were to accidentally email the entire office a spreadsheet containing everyone’s salary, you wouldn’t be ashamed.” The column, “One Weird Trick To Keep Female Employees From Quitting,” highlighted a psychological effect of wage disparities: They’re a real morale killer. Friedman cited a...

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Keurig: We’re Committed to Vermont Operations Despite Cuts

Keurig Green Mountain says it remains committed to its Vermont operations, despite cutting 200 jobs at its Waterbury, Vt., facility. The total number of jobs eliminated at Keurig operations throughout North America was 330, or five percent of its workforce. In Vermont, the figure was closer to nine percent of the company’s overall workforce, so the state took a disproportionate hit. Suzanne DuLong, vice president of corporate...

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