New Limits on Sharing Web Tracking Proposed

Internet providers such as AT&T and Comcast face new federal restrictions on distributing information about their customers’ Web browsing. Broadband providers would need to get permission from consumers before divulging online habits to other companies under the proposal from Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler. The rules need to succeed in two votes, including an initial test at an FCC meeting on March 31,...

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Consumer Confidential: Government May Soon Begin Putting an End to Forced Arbitration Clauses

If you’ve got a credit card, you’ve been forced to kiss away your constitutional right to sue the card issuer. But it’s looking increasingly likely that this is about to change. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is examining so-called arbitration clauses in terms and conditions for financial products. Earlier the month, the head of the bureau, Richard Cordray, sent the strongest signal yet that the regulatory whip soon will...

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Consumer Confidential: Obama’s Budget Plan Would Allow Greater Scrutiny Of High Drug Prices

Buried deep within President Obama’s $4 trillion budget plan are a couple of health care proposals that could change everything for U.S. consumers. The fact that the drug industry wasted no time in dismissing the ideas — and that their Republican friends in Congress said they wouldn’t even look at them — should tell you something big was afoot. The Department of Health and Human Services broke out Obama’s health care proposals in a...

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Commentary: Companies Have a Role in Stopping Bad Behavior on the Internet

Somewhere in most employee handbooks are rules about online behavior. Those rules don’t seem to be working too well. For proof, look no further than the comments people leave under YouTube videos or blog posts or in back-and-forth snipes under news stories. Look at the hateful replies and invective hurled about on Twitter and Facebook. Internet trolling is ubiquitous in part because it comes with few consequences. You walk up to a...

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What Unites Congress? Scorn  For Shkreli

What Unites Congress? Scorn For Shkreli

Washington — A smirking Martin Shkreli briefly united Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill last week, as lawmakers took turns blasting the price-hiking former CEO who has become the new poster child for corporate greed. But the gridlocked state of Congress virtually assures federal efforts to lower drug prices will remain in limbo for years. And even then, experts warn that the options available to Congress would not stop...

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