Bumper Crop Leads to Lower Almond Prices

Almonds, the beloved snack that recently overtook peanuts as the most consumed nut in America, might have gotten a little too popular for their own good. After years of steady price increases, thanks in large part to sky-rocketing demand, the protein-packed nut has suddenly become much cheaper. Almond prices, which reached record highs early last year, have fallen by roughly 25 percent since late 2014. “They dropped a lot faster and...

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Organic Farming More Profitable, Analysis Finds

Minneapolis — Organic farming is more profitable than conventional farming, according to a new report that analyzes dozens of studies. The analysis, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that the premium organic farmers can charge for their products makes their operations financially sustainable. “We found that, in spite of lower yields, organic agriculture was significantly more profitable than...

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Study: Organic Can Make Money With Right Price

Seattle — Researchers have long studied the sustainability and health benefits of organically grown food versus conventional agriculture. Now a study by two Washington State University professors shows organic agriculture can be much more profitable than conventional — as long as price premiums on the crops are high enough. The research of David Crowder and John Reganold was released last week in Proceedings of the National Academy of...

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