3 Ways to Make a Better Plan For Your Money in New Year

Chris Hogan has been a staple among personal finance experts. The money guru once worked as vice president of a mortgage company and later turned to helping people successfully manage their money. As a finalist in the 2015 GOBankingRates “Best Money Expert” competition held in collaboration with Ally Bank, Hogan offers this money tip for 2016: “The best thing you can do for your finances is to create a plan. Think about what your...

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Money Talk: Helping Millennial Workers Start Saving

Question: We have 90 employees, many of them millennials, and only about 30 percent take advantage of our retirement plan. What resources and advice can I use to get our employees to take control of their retirement future? Answer: The youngest generation of adults and near-adults vividly remembers the stock market crash and financial turmoil of 2008-09. So they’re understandably wary of investing, plus more of them are dealing with...

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