Krispy Kreme Pushes Into Starbucks’ Turf With Focus on Coffee

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc., facing slower sales growth and more demanding customers, is pushing deeper into Starbucks Corp.’s territory. The company is doing more to promote its coffee, which for years was an afterthought at the doughnut chain. At a test location in Clemmons, N.C., workers are grinding beans and using a manual espresso machine to make lattes and cappuccinos. They’re even referring to themselves as baristas, and...

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People Tried to Eat Better, But Doughnut Sales Went Up

The doughnut business is resilient. More than a year ago, doughnut makers began to notice their breakfast business dip. Also, people began to realize that starting your day with a hunk of sugary, fried dough (often covered in chocolate) wasn’t healthy. Investors shied away from bakers and hopped on with healthier snack companies like the makers of energy bars and trail mixes. Now they’re slowly crawling back to doughnuts. It seems...

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