Businesses Preparing for ‘Cadillac Tax’

St. Louis — Thought you had seen the end of major controversy over the Affordable Care Act? Think again. One of the last pieces to take effect promises to soon reignite the fierce debate on President Obama’s landmark health overhaul. It’s known as the “Cadillac tax” — a hefty surcharge on relatively generous employer-sponsored health insurance. The tax won’t take effect until 2018, but many businesses are already bracing for it. Some...

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Net Neutrality Rules Quietly Go Into Effect

Washington — With a simple declaration on its website, the Federal Communications Commission launched a new era of Internet oversight by touting that its tough regulations for online traffic were now in place. The so-called net neutrality rules, designed to ensure the free flow of Internet data, took effect Friday after federal judges declined for now to stop them. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said that, starting Friday, “there will be a...

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