Europe Makes It Tougher For the Fed To Raise Rates

Europe is going to have zero interest rates for a lot longer, and that is going to make it harder for the United States to stop having them itself. On Thursday, the European Central Bank all-but-announced it’s about to start doing more to keep its nascent recovery from not being one at all. That could mean buying bonds with newly printed money not just until September 2016, like it has said, but well past it. Or it could mean buying...

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Chipotle Expands in London

London — Chipotle Mexican Grill is more than a popular dining chain in the U.S. It’s a $20 billion burrito empire. In Britain, it’s just another Mexican joint that competes on the high street with home-grown competitors such as Chilango, Tortilla, and Benito’s Hat. But this Denver-based company means business in Europe, and last week it opened its seventh restaurant in London. “London is probably the most dynamic market in Europe:...

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