Geisel Faculty Still Waiting On the Details

Hanover — The presentations lacked detail, the questions were polite and the reassurances seemed heartfelt, if vague, as about 150 faculty and staff of Dartmouth College’s deficit-plagued Geisel School of Medicine gathered Monday to hear about restructuring plans. But a vein of uncertainty festered beneath the meeting’s surface civility. That was pointed out by questioners and acknowledged by leaders of Geisel and of...

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Dartmouth, D-H Expected to Detail Geisel Restructuring

Hanover — Uncertainty continues regarding the restructuring plan that Dartmouth College is developing for its Geisel School of Medicine, where annual budget deficits had been headed toward $30 million. There is particular worry over the fates of the unspecified number of faculty and staff whose jobs will be eliminated . Some employees may be laid off. Others expect to be hired at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, the medical system that is...

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