Report: Wing on Google’s Drone Failed, Caused Crash

A massive drone Google was testing as part of a project to provide Internet service with unmanned aircraft instead of satellites crashed after it encountered an updraft and one of its wings failed, U.S. accident investigators have concluded. The Solara 50 had just lifted off from a remote, desert landing strip in New Mexico on May 1 when it began experiencing control problems, according to a report by the National Transportation...

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State Finds Violations at Mt. Ascutney

Windsor — A recent surprise inspection by the state found that Mt. Ascutney Hospital didn’t take adequate measures to prevent a terminal cancer patient from falling six times in six weeks and failed to respond to another dying patient’s request to limit treatment to comfort measures. The Dec. 9 inspection also found the Windsor hospital didn’t document the need to use restraints on another patient prone to falls. The Vermont Division...

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Suits Allege D-H Failure to Accommodate

Some recent lawsuits have alleged that Dartmouth-Hitchcock failed to provide proper accommodations for residents with disabilities that included amnesia, lupus and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and illegally dismissed them from the program. In April 2014, after a four-day jury trial, Judge William Sessions of the U.S. District Court in Burlington dismissed a 4-year-old lawsuit by Jennifer Connors, a former...

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