6 Strategies to Help You Get Out of Debt

If you’re weighed down by debt, you’re not alone. Eight out of 10 Americans have debt, with the average American carrying around $68,000, according to a Pew Survey of American Family Finances. Debt isn’t necessarily bad. In some cases, it can actually help build wealth. But if you’re saddled with a lot of high-rate consumer debt, you could be putting your finances at risk. To help you eliminate what you owe, we asked the finalists of...

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Emotions and Our Money

The people who have money problems are captives of self-delusion. Let’s face it, many people have money problems, and not simply by failing to have enough greenbacks in the bank. Some are misers, some are tightwads, Some are willfully naive. Thus comes the rise of a new type of adviser, the financial therapist — a specialist who treats emotion-driven misconceptions. New York Times columnist Paul Sullivan writes about this small, yet...

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