Experts: Fingerprint as Password Is a Bad Idea

Ever since Apple introduced TouchID for iPhones, more and more smartphones feature fingerprint scanners. And that has some security researchers worried. “If you leak a password, you can just change it; if you leak a fingerprint, it’s lost for your whole life,” FireEye researcher Yulong Zhang said at a presentation at the Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas last week. Zhang was part of a team that revealed that several Android...

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Woes of Password Protection

Pittsburgh — High on the White House’s hit list: The series of letters, numbers and symbols you type in when you access everything from your bank account to your Netflix list. “Kill the password dead as a primary security measure,” urged Michael Daniel, the president’s cybersecurity coordinator, at the International Conference on Cyber Engagement, held recently at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. As more and more devices...

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