New Fitness Center Opening in Former Esersky’s Hardware Site

Claremont — Those who preferred Twisted Fitness over the city’s community center for their workout needs and schedule will soon be able to join another private health club on Pleasant Street. Real Steel Fitness is planning to open its doors this spring in the storefront now occupied by Esersky’s Hardware, which is down the street from where Twisted Fitness operated until closing down last year. Esersky’s will be relocating. Former...

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Calorie-Counting App Helps Dieters

How’s that New Year’s diet going for ya? Yeah, I thought so. If you’re like most people trying to lose weight, you’ve been tracking calories, because research has shown that keeping a food diary is an effective weight-loss strategy. And you’ve also learned what a hassle tracking calories can be. First you have to know how much you’ve eaten: Was that three teaspoons or a half-cup, or two ounces? And then you have to know or find out...

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Hacking Into Your Fitbit

During a 2014 competition among Netflix employees to create potential new features, one group hacked into a Fitbit and created a “Sleep Bookmark” function, automatically pausing Netflix as the wearer started to fall asleep. Though used to create a function for the on-demand Internet streaming content company that might be appealing to late-night movie watchers, the competition showed the vulnerability of wearable fitness devices to...

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