FBI: Flights Rarely Track Cellphones

Washington — The FBI assured Congress in an unusual, confidential briefing last week that its plane surveillance program is a by-the-books operation short on high-definition cameras — with some planes equipped with binoculars — and said only five times in five years has it tracked cellphones from the sky. The FBI would not openly answer some questions about its planes, which routinely orbit major U.S. cities and rural areas. Although...

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Consumer Confidential: Plans to Cram More Seats in Airliners Won’t Sit Well With Fliers

Airlines increasingly are missing scheduled takeoffs and landings, losing travelers’ bags and overbooking flights, according to a report released last week. And the bad news: Things will probably get worse. Even as the latest performance stats showed that major carriers are having trouble with the most basic functions — i.e. getting you and your luggage from Point A to Point B — the outlook for future travel all but guarantees even...

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