McDonald’s Fights ‘Joint-Employer’ Label by NLRB

Chicago — McDonald’s tells its franchisees how to staff restaurants, when to clean the bathrooms and where partially completed orders should be placed on counters, an attorney for the National Labor Relations Board said Thursday. That operational nitty-gritty, along with the business consultants, scheduling systems and hiring software provided to franchisees shows the Chicago-area company calls the shots and is ultimately responsible...

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Paid Parental Leave Work for Blue-Collar

In the rash of American companies to roll out generous parental leave policies over the past few weeks — Netflix! Goldman Sachs! Adobe! Microsoft! — Thursday’s announcement that McLean, Virginia-based Hilton Hotels would be giving new mothers 10 paid weeks off and fathers two weeks off got little press. Just another company seeking to jump on the PR bandwagon, one might conclude, perhaps laudable but not especially noteworthy....

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Franchisees Could Join Battle Over Fast-Food Wages

New York — Labor organizers are opening a new front in their campaign for a $15-an-hour wage for fast-food workers with a push to mobilize an unusual ally: franchisees. The Service Employees International Union last week launched a website in hopes of building a national network of fast-food franchisees who want stronger protections for their businesses. The push has the potential to create more unrest within the ranks for companies...

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