McDonald’s Japan Selling Chocolate French Fries

Tokyo — Is this the answer to McDonald’s problems in Japan? The “McFry Potato Chocolate Sauce”? Yes, you read that right. French fries covered with not one but two types of chocolate sauce. It’s the fast food chain’s latest effort to turn around its business in Japan after a slew of bad news ranging from a tooth found in the food to a shortage of fries that resulted in rationing. Recently, McDonald’s launched the Makku Choco Poteto,...

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French Exchange Plans Normal Open

London — French stocks will trade without interruption Monday as investors come to terms with attacks in Paris that left more than 100 people dead in Europe’s worst terror incident in more than a decade. Euronext Paris is planning no alteration to its schedule, Caroline Nico, a spokeswoman for parent Euronext NV, said in an e-mail. The Paris stock exchange is located in the district of the city’s 2nd arrondissement, miles from the...

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