Consumer Confidential: Why Is a Nonprofit Shill for Business Interests Attacking Chipotle?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that if you’re being pushed around by a bully, “walk away and stay away. Don’t fight back.” Chipotle has taken that message to heart. Chris Arnold, a spokesman for the burrito chain, told me Chipotle has no plans to tangle with a food-industry front group that has run a series of ads critical of the company’s health claims. “This is a smear campaign,” he said. “But we’ve chosen to...

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Advertising Rules For Kids Not the Same With Apps

Washington — For decades, advertising to children on television has been held to tougher rules than commercials for adults. Federal regulators have long been concerned that kids are more vulnerable to marketing and have a tougher time distinguishing between an ad and a show. Now with new apps, such as YouTube Kids, hosting videos aimed at children, the same rules aren’t being applied, opening up children to more advertising than ever,...

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Fight Looms Over New Adviser Rules

Major financial industry trade groups are offering a restrained response to a new Labor Department proposal designed to curb conflicts of interest in the financial advisory business serving retirees, even as proponents of the measure gird for a major battle. After years of preparation and behind-the-scenes lobbying, the department last week formally unveiled the language of the new rule that would require financial advisers to put...

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