Hacking the Human Diet

San Francisco — The third floor of the American Industrial Center in San Francisco’s Dogpatch district is food central. It houses confectioners, cupcake bakers, pastry makers and catering companies. Everyone is making or packaging food. Even the two youngish guys who look more like chemists than chefs are, technically, making food. A new kind of food. Tucked away in the humidity-controlled, air-conditioned nook of the building, Alex...

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Security Tool Takes Pictures Of Those Trying to Hack You

Have you ever gotten an email warning that someone is trying to hack into your account and wondered: Who is doing this to me? A password manager called LogMeOnce now gives you the option to take a picture of whomever is trying to access the accounts you’ve registered with its service. It does this by hacking the hacker’s camera, whether on a computer or a mobile device, and secretly taking a photo. The feature, called Mugshot, also...

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Market Cheaters Upgrade From Sex to Hackers

Washington — Insider traders have long shelled out millions in bribes, manipulated friendships and even traded sex for market tips. Now, they’ve found a new way to get the data they need: employing computer hackers. “With the ubiquity of hackers now, you can find people online who’ll do what you want for a pizza,” said Slade Griffin, founder of Knoxville, Tennessee-based Cyphoss Security LLC. “You combine the financial brilliance of...

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