Report Finds More People Are Renting, Rather Than Buying, Homes

Washington — The majority of American households still own their homes, a fact that will remain true as far into the future as demographers and economists can see. But the balance of homeowners and renters has been shifting in the U.S. in ways that have already altered the demographics of renting, the affordability of rental housing and the kind of new housing we build. This shift, underway since the housing bust, is flipping...

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Homeownership Rate Expected to Keep Falling

By Emily Badger The Washington Post Washington — The homeownership rate in the U.S. has been tumbling since the height of the housing boom. Fewer people own their homes — because foreclosures claimed them, or because the housing bust taught everyone to be wary, or because the economy ensured that families who might have bought in the past can’t afford a home today. For a lot of reasons, though, this trend is not temporary. It won’t...

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