Dairy Queen Now Offering More Than Summertime Treats

Dairy Queen, Warren Buffett’s favorite ice cream chain, is trying to turn itself into a year-round treat. With a new menu of snacks and sandwiches, the 75-year-old fixture of American summers is looking beyond its signature soft-serve and diving deeper into fast-food fare, where even giants like McDonald’s have been struggling lately. It’s a major bet — but one that DQ’s chief executive officer, John Gainor, says is already starting...

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Listeria-Tainted Ice Cream Part of Broader Surge in Food Recalls

Contaminated-food recalls are on pace to surge this year from 2014, buoyed by the discovery of bacteria in everything from ice cream to spinach. Companies recalled 3.7 million U.S. food items in the first half of the year because of viral or bacterial contaminants such as listeria and salmonella, consulting firm Stericycle ExpertSolutions said. That compares with 5.03 million in all of 2014, according to the firm’s data, which was...

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Implementing Food Safety Law A Slow Process

Washington — Four years ago, President Obama signed into law sweeping changes designed to improve U.S. food safety and prevent outbreaks similar to the one involving Brenham, Texas-based Blue Bell, in which three people have died after eating contaminated ice cream. The Food Safety Modernization Act, the biggest food safety overhaul since 1938, came in response to a 46-state outbreak tied to salmonella at a Georgia peanut plant in...

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