Consumer Confidential: BMW’s Blinding Fear of Lawsuits

Dr. Ron Aryel, a pediatrician whose patients include many disabled kids, had a brainstorm after recently buying a new BMW 328i Sports Wagon. As part of his research for the purchase, he learned about BMW’s new gesture-control technology, which is being incorporated in the carmaker’s high-end 7 Series vehicles. It allows the driver to interact with the infotainment system by simply waving his or her hand. “That may be a stupid pet...

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Consumer Confidential: AT&T CEO Admits His Firm ‘Blew It’ by Siccing Lawyer on Customer

A&T’s chief executive, Randall Stephenson, acknowledged last week that the company “blew it” in turning over a loyal customer’s suggestions to a lawyer and saying it won’t even consider ideas from the general public. “At AT&T, our top priority is to treat our customers to a premium experience every time they interact with us, and our consistent award-winning service demonstrates we usually get it right,” Stephenson wrote in...

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