How Much Should Millennials Invest?

Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000, aka Gen Y) drown in advice about investing for retirement and growing wealth to achieve financial goals. How much to scrape out of each paycheck to grow yourself a sufficient nest egg? Hard to pinpoint, but you can plan based on your goals and a few general rules. First, investing now matters. Starting as soon as possible gives your money time to grow. Don’t put off investing because you think...

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Money Talk: Investing Books That Have Stood the Test of Time

Question: I invest in real estate and have a secure pension, but I also have a managed stock account worth about $250,000 and would like to get more involved in investing that. Can you recommend some good books on how the market works and perhaps a couple of good middle-of-the-road websites? Everything I see is either overly bullish or bearish. Answer: The principles of sound stock market investing aren’t exactly “click bait” (Web...

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