Microsoft Steps Up To Stop Revenge Porn

Microsoft wants to help victims of revenge porn regain control of their images and privacy. Revenge porn — when someone, usually a spurned ex, shares private and sexual images of another person online without that person’s consent — is on the rise, and Internet companies including Google and Reddit have tried to combat it. Now Microsoft is stepping up. The company said last week that, when it is notified by a victim, it will remove...

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U.S. Not Likely Affected by Chinese Stock Collapse

American investors have few direct links to the flagging Chinese stock market, but the indirect fallout from the plunge of the Asian giant’s benchmark index could be protracted and painful for parts of the U.S. economy, experts said. The average retail investor in the U.S. tends to have what’s known as a home bias, disproportionately investing in domestic names they know. Their exposure to China comes through emerging markets funds,...

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