Money Talk: The Down Side of Automatic Payments

Question: Since I lost my second job, we have fallen behind on our bills. Although we get paid on Friday, by Monday our checking account is in the red even without buying anything. It’s all going to automatic payments for things like insurance and college savings for our child. I think the bank has a way of processing transactions to maximize our bounce fees. Should we take control and pay manually? Is automatic payment a recipe for...

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Tips for Those 20-Somethings on Handling Finances

Finding a job, renting an apartment, repaying student loans — when you’re just starting out, getting on your financial feet can be overwhelming. A recent study by Money Under 30, a personal finance blog for 20-somethings, found that many young adults have to make significant compromises when starting their financial lives. The study, which surveyed more than 250 individuals ages 21 to 29, found that 14 percent of them are not saving...

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