Despite Endowment, Challenges Abound

At first glance, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, a medical system with net assets of $410 million at the end of last fiscal year, seems an unlikely cavalry to be riding to the financial rescue of a medical school whose parent — Dartmouth College, please don’t call it a university — finished the year with net assets of $5.33 billion. But such simple comparisons don’t provide especially useful benchmarks to outside observers as they watch the...

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Cellphone Use Plagues Hospital Operating Rooms

Next time you’re on the operating table and you take one last look around as the anesthesiologist approaches, don’t be too sure that that person in scrubs looking at a smartphone is pulling up vital health data. He or she might be texting a friend, or ordering new carpet. Cellphone use is not generally restricted in the operating room, but some experts say the time for rules has come. In interviews, many described co-workers texting...

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