Mascoma Valley Grocer Still Goal

Enfield — Fresh food advocates and town officials in the Mascoma Valley are hoping a new feasibility study will help attract a food cooperative or grocery store to the Route 4 corridor. Market research now indicates there’s demand in the area for a small grocery store in either downtown Enfield or Canaan but it’s unlikely a large store would be able to compete with those in Claremont and Lebanon, said Stuart Arnett, a consultant with...

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Money Talk: Options for Paying for College

Question: I have two kids heading to college. Both need co-signers for their student loans. Will me co-signing have a negative effect on my credit? The kids have no choice. I’m middle class, having made enough to get myself by as a divorcee, but there’s no college savings. To make matters worse, I make just over the base for them to get a Pell Grant. I’m concerned about my credit, but my kids need to go to college. Answer: Your...

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Investors Wary of McDonald’s Revamp

New York — McDonald’s Corp.’s turnaround plan is making options traders grimace. Implied volatility on the company’s stock is at its highest since 2008 versus an exchange-traded fund tracking the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The increase signals rising demand for options used to protect against losses in the shares. Short interest on McDonald’s is the highest since 2013. When Chief...

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