Panera Pledges Only Cage-Free Eggs in Restaurants by 2020

St. Louis — Within five years, Panera Bread Co. says its U.S. restaurants will stop using eggs from hens confined in cages. Panera, based in suburban St. Louis, said that by 2020, its menu would move to 100 percent cage-free, following other restaurant chains including McDonald’s and Starbucks that have made similar pledges in recent weeks. Currently, about 21 percent of Panera’s eggs are laid by cage-free hens — chickens that are...

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Panera Is Latest to Cut Artificial Additives

When Panera Bread said last week that it would drop artificial additives from its menu, it joined a blitz of restaurants responding to customers’ desire for healthier food. Chipotle said recently that it would eliminate genetically modified ingredients, while McDonald’s pledged to use antibiotic-free chicken. Their efforts reflect a new industry reality: Instead of counting calories, today’s diners are often focused more on eating...

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