Teaching Your Children How to Be Responsible With Money

Parents, listen up: You might not be teaching your children enough about money. Only 46 percent of kids said their parents are doing well at teaching them about money and finances, according to a 2015 T. Rowe Price survey. Many parents shy away from the topic because they think that they don’t know enough about finances themselves and don’t feel confident teaching their kids, said Stuart Ritter, a senior financial planner at T. Rowe...

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Save, Don’t Splurge, Once College Bills Stop Arriving

The kids are finally done with college and there are no more horrifying tuition bills ruining your mail. So what do you do? Splurge on gifts, fix up the house, take a vacation, pay bills, or stuff a little more cash into the retirement saving account you’ve been neglecting. If you are like many parents, you’ve been promising yourself for years that you will start saving for retirement in earnest once the children-related expenses end....

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Facebook Pitches Solution  To Tech’s Diversity Problem

Facebook Pitches Solution To Tech’s Diversity Problem

There’s little doubt that there’s a race and gender gap in the tech industry. Look at any of the major tech firms’ diversity reports and you’ll see that there are proportionally fewer women, blacks and Hispanics in the tech world — particularly when it comes to engineering positions. That’s the problem, and it’s one we know well. But what could be the solution? Facebook has its own theory, which it’s trying to prove with the launch of...

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Chuck E. Cheese Gets Makeover

Chuck E. Cheese, the kiddie pizza chain acquired by private-equity firm Apollo Global Management last year, thinks it has a solution to its sales slump: winning over millennial moms. The restaurants have never had difficulty appealing to kids, thanks to a combination of pizza, arcade games and guitar-playing animatronic characters. But getting parents on board — especially the younger generation of moms who are seeking higher-quality...

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Cellphones for Children May Not Be a Wise Choice

My colleague Michelle Quinn got her son an iPhone when he entered middle school last year. My son wasn’t so lucky. Not only did he not get a smartphone when he entered middle school, but I don’t plan to get him even a simple cellphone anytime soon. Michelle’s story about what happened with her son’s use of his phone has served as a cautionary tale. That, plus some research I’ve done on my own, has influenced my thinking. My take-away...

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