30-Hour Nightmare Flight Diverted to N.H.

The weather forecast was less than ideal for the Delta Airlines flight that left Monday afternoon bound for John F. Kennedy International Airport from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, but no one aboard could have imagined just how bad things would get. According to multiple news reports and tweets from the passengers themselves — the four-hour flight turned into a 30-hour nightmare with two flight diversions caused by bad...

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Consumer Confidential: Plans to Cram More Seats in Airliners Won’t Sit Well With Fliers

Airlines increasingly are missing scheduled takeoffs and landings, losing travelers’ bags and overbooking flights, according to a report released last week. And the bad news: Things will probably get worse. Even as the latest performance stats showed that major carriers are having trouble with the most basic functions — i.e. getting you and your luggage from Point A to Point B — the outlook for future travel all but guarantees even...

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