Health Care Fines Press Millennials

Washington — Millions of young adults healthy enough to think they don’t need insurance face painful choices this year as the sign-up deadline approaches for President Obama’s health care law. Fines for being uninsured rise sharply in 2016 — averaging nearly $1,000 per household, according to an independent estimate. It’s forcing those in their 20s and 30s to take a hard look and see if they can squeeze in coverage to avoid penalties....

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Using Retirement Funds To Pay for House Is Risky

Washington — The housing market is expected to be busier than usual this winter as some home buyers rush to act before the Federal Reserve raises interest rates. Some consumers who haven’t yet been able to save the money for a downpayment may be tempted to raid their retirement accounts for the cash. For people with decent retirement savings, that can be a way to diversify investments. But people considering the move should consider...

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