Social Security Q&A: What Is Substantial Gainful Activity?

Question: What is substantial gainful activity? Answer: Social Security uses the term “substantial gainful activity,” or “SGA,” to describe a level of work activity and earnings. Work is “substantial” if it involves doing significant physical or mental activities or a combination of both. If you earn more than a certain amount and are doing productive work, Social Security generally considers that you are engaging in substantial...

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A Rail Line for R.I., Mass.

Providence, r.i. — A Boston company wants to offer the first private passenger rail line in the nation in more than 30 years, reviving a once-popular business model that was stopped dead in its tracks decades ago. Boston Surface Railroad Co. is planning a commuter rail line that would shuttle passengers between Worcester, Mass., and Providence in about an hour. No private passenger rail line has existed since 1983, and it’s been even...

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