Consumer Confidential: Is the Apple iPhone Really Any Different From Other Consumer Products?

Apple lawyer Ted Olson said last week that the tech heavyweight has good reason not to help federal investigators hack an iPhone that belonged to one of the San Bernardino shooters. The company, he said, “has to draw the line at re-creating code” and “changing” its product. To which there’s a two-word response: seat belts. And here’s two more: air bags. In both those cases, the auto industry said federal officials had no right to make...

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Sugar War Ends After Sides Reach Secret Settlement

Los Angeles — The sugar and corn industries ended their billion-dollar bitter battle over sweeteners Friday in a secret out-of-court settlement. Both sides announced the deal that puts an end to a trial that began nearly three weeks ago in Los Angeles federal court pitting sugar against high fructose corn syrup. The arch-rivals sugar-coated their acrimony in a settlement statement that announced their commitments to “practices that...

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