5 Tax Breaks You Might Be Missing Out On

This year, don’t get mad at the tax man. Instead, devise a plan to find as many tax deductions as you can. Here are five of the most commonly overlooked tax breaks. The more you know, the less you’ll pay when you file your taxes by April 18. Alimony Breaking up is hard to do, but it can be tough on your pocket book, too — particularly if you’re responsible for making spousal support payments. The good news: Alimony is a tax write-off...

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The Top 3 Mistakes You’re Making Before Big Purchase

You may have kicked yourself a few times for making a bad purchase or buying something that later went on sale. If you didn’t pay a lot to begin with, you probably didn’t lose sleep over it. But making a mistake with a big-ticket purchase will weigh much more heavily on your mind, and your bank account. When it comes to buying an appliance, computer, television, car or any other item that can put a big dent in your wallet, it pays to...

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