One Man’s Failed Effort to Copyright a Popular Chicken Sandwich

In 1987, Norberto Colón Lorenzana had what we can all agree is a pretty unremarkable idea. Colón, who had just started working at a fast food joint called Church’s Chicken in Puerto Rico, suggested to his employer that they try adding a basic fried chicken sandwich to a menu that was mostly chicken-by-the-piece. The “Pechu Sandwich,” as it was christened when it was added to Church’s menu in 1991, was made with fried chicken, tomato,...

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Panera Is Latest to Cut Artificial Additives

When Panera Bread said last week that it would drop artificial additives from its menu, it joined a blitz of restaurants responding to customers’ desire for healthier food. Chipotle said recently that it would eliminate genetically modified ingredients, while McDonald’s pledged to use antibiotic-free chicken. Their efforts reflect a new industry reality: Instead of counting calories, today’s diners are often focused more on eating...

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