Saving Money When You’re Young? You Can Start Small

When you’re young and juggling lots of financial responsibilities, from repaying student loans to saving up for a down payment on a home, you may have only a few dollars left over each month to put away for retirement. The problem is, you generally need a lot more than just pocket change to invest in the mutual funds that will help grow your savings. Today, the average minimum investment for a U.S. stock fund — a core holding in any...

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Money Talk: Roth Gift Could Fund Down Payment

Question: My 29-year-old son recently married, and as a gift I pledged $20,000 as a down payment on a house. My daughter-in-law is beginning a career as a registered nurse and I know they will not be buying for a few years. Is there any type of account that will grow tax-free or tax-deferred for a first-time buyer? Maybe I could gift this money to them into a retirement account for the time being? Answer: You may be able to give them...

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Money Talk: Advice for Supporting Challenged Son

Question: My son, who is almost 50, is mentally and emotionally challenged. He has been unemployed and homeless for years. Although not a criminal, he’s been in jail a few times because of his explosive, combative nature. There seems to be no help for him in the state where he lives. I do send a few dollars for his basic needs when I can, but must be careful with my budget. Do you have any tips that might be helpful in this situation?...

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