Could Be Time To Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Routers

What’s the most underappreciated gadget in your home? I’d argue it’s your Wi-Fi router, which is probably one of those gadgets that you a) use every day b) didn’t put much thought into when buying and c) only pay attention to when it isn’t working well. Ever since you — or your Internet provider’s technician — set it up years ago, you probably haven’t spared it much thought. Just a few years ago, routers probably cost less than $50...

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Are Your Christmas Lights Killing Your Wi-Fi?

Holiday lights are meant to add some cheer to your day, but a British regulator has pointed out that they may have an unwanted side effect: interference with your WiFi network. Last week, Ofcom — an agency similar to the Federal Communications Commission — named holiday lights as one of many electronic devices that can trip up your Internet connection. The agency has released a new app to check for interference that, alas, is...

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