Older Workers Feeling Spooked By Stock Swoon

As the economy struggled to take off in the years after the financial crisis, Americans had at least one shining source of optimism: a booming stock market that not only helped rebuild shattered 401(k) plans but suggested better times to come. But now, with the economy still mired in a sluggish recovery, that silver lining is being threatened. The stock market is lurching downward after a flat 2015 and large banks are casting...

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Some Millennials Socking Away 15%of Their Salary

Meet the Millennial Super Saver. He or she is an ordinary human, 18 to 34, who saves at least 15 percent of his or her salary each year in a 401(k) retirement savings plan. The mission: Save enough to retire comfortably. Or at least retire. An analysis by Fidelity Investments of the 13 million participants in 401(k) plans it administers found close to 421,000 of these young “super savers,” as Fidelity calls them, accounting for almost...

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