Money Talk: Options for Building Credit Score

Question: I am selling my car to an old friend with no credit history. (The used car salesman wanted to charge her 6.5 percent interest.) Is there a way that I can report her timely payments to the credit reporting services to help her build her credit? Answer: It’s not really practical for individuals to report payments, since subscribing to credit bureaus is expensive. The rate your friend was quoted actually isn’t bad given her...

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Farmers in Settlement Want Lawyers Out

Burlington — After nearly six years in a national class action lawsuit against major powers in the milk-pricing market, some dairy farmers want to fire their lawyers. Jonathan Haar, a dairy farmer, just finished two days of essentially prosecuting his own attorneys in U.S. District Court for alleged misconduct in reaching a $50 million settlement with the Dairy Farmers of America, a marketing co-op based in New Hampshire. Haar and his...

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Judge Rejects Dairy Settlement

Montpelier — A judge has rejected a proposed settlement between Northeastern U.S. farmers and the Dairy Farmers of America over an alleged effort to drive down prices paid to farmers. U.S. District Court Judge Christina Reiss opposed the $50 million settlement after objections by some farmers who said the payments would be insufficient and the settlement would not address the alleged wrongdoing. They also said some farmers’ lawyers...

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